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Pick Up Litter

I hope it counts, but over the summer I went for a walk on a beach in Co. Clare (Ireland) with my dad. As we walked this long strand, I noticed the unfathomable amount of plastic bags, among other things, scattered across the beach, and it really got on my nerves. How people could look at this and think it's okay was quite difficult for me to accept. So, I decided to collect as many as I could.

We found a large plastic bag first and put everything we saw into it, slowly filling it up. We had to get another bigger bag after a while. While dad was reluctant at first once he got into it, he felt the same way as I did - determined. We made a noticeable change to our surroundings. It was honestly the most rewarding thing I have done in a long time and we were so proud of our good deed afterward. While leaving the beach we got a few odd looks thrown our way - we were of course carrying huge plastic bags out of a beach, not your everyday thing - but we took no notice. We knew of the good we had done and nothing could quench our pride.

I would honestly recommend a beach cleanup, however big or small, to anyone. Even if you pick up three pieces of rubbish you are helping, and if everybody does it just imagine the results! Not only are you walking a beach which is very relaxing, but you are helping an unimaginable amount of sea life. We are constantly taking advantage of the sea, it's about time we give back.

  • Ireland