I have a friendship w a young family. Parents in lower 20's and cild is 2. The mom does odx jobs for me. Recently she texted me asking if I had any work for her, so she could earn $ to buy food. I did not have any extra funds to pay her.

After thinking about it for a few min, it dawned on me to go to my city home page on face book. I made a simple request for info on food give aways in the area. The response was phenominal.

Several people told of coming food give aways at various locations. 3 people arranged to meet with me to get food from them personally, to give to the family. One person gave an entire bottom half of a self standing freezer to me. Another runs a food pantry, so she provided 6 large bags of fresh, name brand groceries, including meats. A third gave a large box of pantry items from her home.

I took the items to the family...whom were in shock at how much I had gathered. I was a little overwhelmed, myself. I asked the parents to look through the items and take what they knew they would utilize. They were very relieved to see/pick alot of items they will use, from the trunk of my car.

The rest of the items I distributed to 2 other households that I know, that are usually cashstrapped and low on food. In exchange, one household gave clothing to me to pass on to the freezer person...for a new addition to her family that was going to arrive in a few days.

All I did was post the need on a widely read town facebook page....it steamrolled from there.

I plan to work with the pantry person, to deliver foods/supplies to families that are in need and do not have a vehicle....I hope this partnership happens. I really enjoyed helping those three households and I cannot wait to do it again.

Thank you for reading.

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