Our sweet elderly neighbor lives alone. I have such a soft spot for the elderly. Maybe it's because of all the time I spent with my Nanny growing up? Anyway, I would bring her dinners and random baked goods I would make. I know it's hard cooking for just 1 person. She's recently been gone for an extended period of time, I'm unsure of the circumstances as to why, but I'm guessing it might be due to medical reasons. I see her daughter stop by every day or two and then she goes. Last night my husband was mowing our yard when he got home from work, and when I went out to bring him a glass of water, I saw he was mowing her yard too. I felt my love for him grow even more knowing he was trying to do something nice for someone else. I don't feel like either of these things we've done are miraculous or over the moon, but I believe whole heartedly that doing any little thing you can for someone to brighten their day or make life even a little bit easier for them, is always worth doing.

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