So the other day at work I have this table come in and ask for me. I've had them before and they had come back for vacation. They told me they met this woman on the boardwalk and she had looked a little lost. She had just the clothes on her back and a suite case. They walked up to her and asked her if she was OK. She told the couple that she was from new York and had just recently moved here. She continued to say that she's been looking for a job and she didn't have a place to live and that she had been homeless for some time now. The couple then walked across the street to a motel and paid for an entire week for her to stay there!!! But soon the family would be going home which was quite a few hours away. So they told me about this woman and I gave them my number to pass along to this woman. The next day my phone rings and it's her. I tell her where I'm at and to come over. I figured if I can't do much the least I could do was buy her a meal so she doesn't have to go to bed hungry. So she comes over I order some food I grab an application from my work and help her fill it out. Two days pass after she turns in her application and now her week is up in her motel and of course it's raining. So we get her an extra night into the motel and what happens?!?! She gets a phone call to start work on Tuesday!! Little acts of kindness adds up. If that couple didn't stop to help who knows what would have happened. Now she has a place to lay her head, food in her belly and a job to look forward too. It all has to start somewhere!!

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