Awhile back I was at a shaving ice place and because I have a speech impediment it takes me awhile to say what I want to say. When I wanted to order I got so fusterated with myself because the person that was waiting to take the order kept looking at me weirdly. It was taking me 3 minutes to say a word, there was more people behind me waiting. Very intimidating in my situation. I then say "never mind " to the person waiting to take my order and got out of the line.

I then started to cry because it was/is so hard to want to say something but not being able to do it fast enough. As I started to cry an old man that was disabled came up to me and asked why I was crying. I then said "because I stutter" he then told me "You can do it, it's okay and nobody's perfect". I thanked him for his kindness and encouragement . The act he did, helped me go back and order again. I will never forget that experience and I am so blessed that he was there to help me❤️.

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