Yesterday, I was on my way to get ready for my two best friends' wedding. I had about an hour long drive, so I stopped at a store to pick up a drink and snack. The store was pretty busy and while I wasn't in a rush, I also wasn't exactly happy to see the long lines awaiting me and my three items. I picked a line and got behind a woman with a cart full of items. She saw me with my three items and immediately said, "You can go in front of me! I wouldn't want to wait behind me either." Shocked, I thanked her and stepped forward. Less than two minutes later, a woman on the other line had her credit card declined and was having trouble finding the money for her items. The same lady who let me go in front of her walked over and offered to pay for the items! I'm sad to say I didn't get the woman's name, but her acts of kindness- small, simple gestures- made such a difference in my day.

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