About one week ago I was walking home with my girlfriend and we were paying attention to people walking by us. This led a young shy girl, around 19 yo I think, to stop at us with a look like she needed help. So we stopped, and while I was still trying to call whoever I was trying to call, my girlfriend was paying full attention to her. She asked for directions on how to get to some place, about 2 km far from where we were. My girlfriend started explaining how she can get there, then I finished with my call and I joined the explaining effort. But I soon realised we were not efficient at all because she had trouble speaking our language and we went ahead and escorted her to the hostel she needed to get to. We also exchanged numbers so she can call us if she needed any more help in her endeavour. She was supposed to stay about a week or so in town to solve some paperwork related situation.

  • Romania