my name is abdulrahman "Apo" my story somehow it was like an action and very speed reaction kinda of KARMA on my way from turkey to germany i was alone but on hungery borders there the situation was horrible and we were too many people and the army was stoping us during the nights and letting us cross the borders as groups and it was cold and scared place so everyone was just doing his best to survive and cross the border to get the next train and meanwhile we were waiting there and the whole people pushing eachother i just saw a pergnant women with her husbend and small kid was around 7 years old and i could see how much they were tired and scared about taking care about the kid and trying to cross the border soon and all of the sudden the people started to freak out and pushing eachother forward like crazy and the women was too closed to fall so i just went to her and hepled her and then i told them i will take care about the kid and i told the husbend to take care about his wife at the beginging she got worried and couldn't trust me because we were in such a situation that everyone just wants to survive alone and i stayed with them whole the way till gemrany taking care about them and about the kid like if they were my family also and we are on this trip togather but the karma i got it back it was in austiria when we arrived there at 6 o'clock in the morning and it was cold and raining and we didn't find any hotel to spend the night in suddenly a guy showed up in the taxi station and he started to talk to us and he invited us to stay at his apartment and he wouldn't take no as an answer and he bought as food and offered us his apartment for another two days the point is that he doesn't know us at all but he was just very kind and we had to trust them .. for me this story and what's happend just let me feel that they are still a lot of kind and amazing people around the world .. we just should make peace with out moral constitution

  • Germany