It's been since 2002 when I was a transformed individual and kept believing in act of kindness in any or many ways. One of such instances is when I missed my flight as I was late by ten minutes to reach the airline's desk and no check in was allowed at that moment. I was tensed and worried as my reaching the destination was important and fear of my ticket price going in vain. I requested the airline's personnel to allow as still have 30minutes for the flight to take off and I wasn't allowed despite repeated plea. I lost my cool on staff and raised my voice and showed my anger. All went in vain as airline was not ready to succumb to my pleads. Exhausted of missing early morning flight, I took a seat nearby calculating of my loss and plan next flight.
I was watching the lady airline staff who was surrounded by irate passengers while I was booking my ticket in my laptop. She too was frustrated with people queuing up with issues and complaint. A sudden realisation,"what is the difference between those passengers and me?"
I felt to give away some kindness to this stressed lady at work. After an hour of mind debate and booking ticket of my next days flight, I went upto this lady and said, " i am sorry for being rude. Hope you would understand as I missed my flight and my reaching destination was urgent. I am sorry". I left.
She amidst this stressful environment had a smile on her face looking at me as if someone understood her agony. I felt blessed seeing her smile and forgot my financial loss. I earned her smile.

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