I love making people feel happy - I get that from my father who was a wonderful minister. Although I am not as traditionally religious as he was, I am still very spiritual in my own way. I try to "do" a random act of kindness every week - your initiative has motivated me to increase that to daily! I often pay for the person behind me in line's food order when in line at a fast food drive through. (gramatically that sounds horrible, but you get the picture!) I always pay for the person behind me at a toll booth. But my most recent act of kindness was met with such appreciation I will be doing that again. An older woman was returning her grocery cart and as starting to walk back to her car. She was moving very slowly. I offered her my arm and walked the few yards with her. She shared about her husband being sick and she had to get his medicine from the store. She thanked me profusely, and I thanked her for the honor of walking with her. I swear she stood up a little taller after our walk and talk. I was blessed by her - and just felt so good. I believe our elderly are so overlooked - they have so much to offer! I am happy to be a part of this movement and will up my frequency of my random acts of kindness. Thanks again for the motivation and for knowing there are other people in the world who believe that all people are people! :)

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