I made a pack of cupcakes for my uncles AA meeting, and they went over very well. They are not really serving others but they are doing something great and I wanted to show them that I support and I am proud of them for getting the help they need.

I brought cookies to my local coffee shop to say thank you for always being cheerful and kind even with some of the most rude costumers. I wanted them to know that I see how hard they work.

The last set of cookies was for my favorite place to go eat with family and friends a small Mcmenamins pub down the street. We know the staff and they are always kind, even in the winter when I have been cold they have given me a blanket, or even offered their personal coat. I know that they enjoyed them and thanked me all night when we came in for a few drinks with friends, I told them it was a thank you for all the amazing times that we have had there, and that they are like a family to me and I really love and appreciate what they do for us.

I was so happy seeing everyone be so shocked as to why I would want to spend my time cooking and driving around on my day off, I told them I am hoping to start a chain reaction of kind deeds.

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