An act of kindness for...

Pick Up Litter

I usually walk half a mile to the bus station everytime I need to get somewhere. I always take my headphones and enjoy a relaxed walk. Today I decided to add a pair of gloves and a bag and look for litter to pick up. I was surprised by the amount I saw on the street, on the sidewalk and also in some yards. One bag wasn't enough, but at least I picked some up.
I loved seeing that the little spot that used to be covered by some piece of litter, is now free of anything artificial. The grass there is allowed to grow and receive sunlight and it makes the general view a tiny bit better.
I spent the bus ride thinking about doing this with friends and family in the future. "Let's go for a walk!" Can be followed by a "and fill a bag of litter while we're at it" from now on.
I'm sure it would have a positive impact on our personal behaviour regarding rubbish, as well as inspiring others to reflect on the issue.
I look forward to doing this everyday on my way to the bus stop. I will have to remember to bring bigger or more bags next time!

  • Argentina