This was over the summer, but basically this is a picture of me sitting at my local riverwalk with my notebook and sharpie. I was writing some poetry and journaling my thoughts when I noticed a garden keeper (who works at the riverwalk) walking down the dock to my left. They were shuffling their feet and overall looked really down. I walked up to them and introduced myself, etc. Long story short, they were depressed because their dog had recently passed away and it was the only family they had left in their old age. After a few more minutes of conversation I had to leave because of my mother but we exchanged basic information (name and relative place of living) and how often we are at the riverwalk. The next few weeks went by filled with my bringing homemade stuff for the garden keeper and them teaching me the history of the riverwalk and the different shrubbery around. It was a very nice friendship that lasted a good while until I went off to college.

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