An act of kindness for...

Pick Up Litter

Aged 8 my friends an me decided we wanted to change the world, we understood that 4 8 year olds could not stop wars, get rid of injustice or fight poverty. But the one thing we realised we could do was help clean up our neighbourhood.
We nearly filed a whole bin -one of the big ones not just a small trash can. But the adults around us kept adding their pessimistic remarks so our little group went back to playing games and ignoring the trash around us.
Fast forward 20 years and I am out for a walk with my boyfriend, we pass a discarded bottle and he bends down to pick it up, caring it to the next bin as if he was the one who had dropped it. it did not take long for our little walks to turn into full on trash-scavenger-hunts. And for me to realise that I really did find one of the good ones. Not just because he picked up that bottle -and many more since then- but because he reminded me that it does not matter what the others say.This is our neighbourhood, our city our country our planet and if we want our children to enjoy nature and the world like I did as that 8 year old we need to do something and clean up our mess.
Thank you for starting this act, its nice to see a small army of us growing and fighting against the damage done.

  • United Kingdom