I remember it was a rainy day and I was walking up the high street to get into town to get some stuff. As I was walked towards the bus stop an old man had just come odd it and he was limping. Everyone just looked at him and carried on in their own little world. I stopped and asked him if he was okay. He said he had just been released from the hospital after having a stroke but had no family. I got him under my umbrella and asked him if he wanted any food or to get a cab to go to a friends house. He said nothing at first and so I insisted we get food. He said food would be great and then it's him I'd get him a can to a friends house and he thanked me. He asked me what my name was and we got talking and he had been through a lot. He was in pain and we had to stop every few steps for him to catch his breath. Just as we turned to the grocery store. His friend had been walking out and asked him how he was and when he had been released from the hospital. His friend said he's okay with him now and I just wanted to double check with both of them and they said yes they can go from here. The old man though turned to me and thanked me and tried to give me hug and said thank you for not ignoring me. That look in his eyes almost made me cry. One good deed a day. That's all we need.

  • United Kingdom