Just walk around. The other day I was walking to get to the bank, I was in a bit of a hurry actually, when in the midle of the road there was a couple trying to change a flat tyre. I stopped and helped them to change it, it's nothing special actually, I could see their confuse, they even asked me if I am an engineer, I laughed and said that it has just happened to me before. They offered to buy me a coffee but I was already behind in my schedule. They thanked me and their smile just made my day. I wasn't in a good mood and that really helped me. It's a different thing to help someone and another thing to work probono. I live in Athens, Greece and I move around with my motorcycle, once there was an elder trying to pass the street with full traffic, I just helped him by driving along with him to the pavement. You know what? There is always someone that needs your help and he is around the corner, just walk. :D

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