The other day i was in a crazy rush to go to a new place I was working and had got lost allready once and was very stressed I had found out that I was going to miss the last buss as I had no change and needed the correct amount so I went to over to a shop to change a 10 pound note for coins the shop keeper said he wouldn't do this unless I brought something . The man behind me over heard and offered to buy what he was getting and then he could swap the change with me . The shop keeper then said if he was going to help me he wouldn't Be given any change either . So I brought the same sandwich and a drink the man had in his hands who offered to help. got my change and then gave the man the food and drink as that was what he was going to buy and I said thank you For offering to help me. The man was so surprise I had done at first he wouldn't take it but I explained it would make me happy and he walked me to the buss. He found out I wasn't unsure where I needed to get off the bus as I had never been there or even been to the city befor and my phone died so I had no map and he new where I needed to go and got on the buss with me and took me all the way and got off the buss and walked me to the front door . He said that he was so glad we had met and that he feels happier that he has helped me as it was a dangerous area and he has helped me get there safely and because it was a nice feeling to be trusted and have faith put in him by a stranger . I told him that he has saved my day and my new job as I would never have made it there on my own and I would always remember our unique moment and will continue to spread the love and he replied I'm going to start spreading the love which I think was the most beautifull part of the whole thing : )

  • United Kingdom