Living near a hospital allows us the opportunity to easily find those who could use a little pick-me-up. My 2 young sons and I took some pretty flowers that I hadn't gotten around to planting and bagged them up.

First we met a man who said he was allergic to flowers.. And wives! Alrighty then, lol.

Then we met Billy. An elderly man who clearly was just discharged from the hospital and was limping pretty badly. Charlie gave him the flowers and his grimacing face turned into a big smile! Charlie showed him where he had just gotten stung by a bee and they compared boo-boos. Billy said we had made his difficult day so bright. A bus driver then gave him a ride home although he had no money to pay. Awesome!! We parted with bye-byes and hi-fives!

Next was an elder couple. When Charlie gave them man the flowers a tear appeared in his eye. He said that he used to grow these in Pink and White for his granddaughter who used to always ask grandpa to pick her pretty flowers❤️

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