This is my latest activity of kindness as I try to create at least 1 person month. It is small but meaningful. I recently purchased a pair of shoes online from a preloved site. I noticed that the young lady whom I was buying the shoes from was a student and gave the price as all in including p&p she was only selling the shoes because she needed some extra cash. I bought the shoes but paid more than was advertised only by a small amount but I wanted to cover the cost of the postage and a little more. We struck up an online conversation I explained I paid a little more as I wanted to help I could see how moved she was from the words she wrote me back. This fabulous young lady is in her final year at university she told me I had made her feel so much better after feeling so stressed about exams and money. She asked what she could do for me in return! So...I asked her to please let me know how she gets on in her final exams as I'd love to know how it all goes for her. I got the shoes a few days later with a wonderful heartfelt note of thanks from this amazing girl who has also promised to pay my kindness forward when she gets the chance....that is reward enough for me. Kindness costs us nothing but can mean the world to someone.

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