I was working at a local Little Caesars during my sophomore year of high school. It was located in a small shopping plaza that had security in place to keep people from loitering, vandalizing, and etc. The area is pretty known for being "ghetto" having homeless people roaming around. So one day during a rush hour at about 8 pm on a Friday night a homeless man walks in to the store begging for food. He was around 40 years old and had an expression I can't forget. He was crying due to the starvation and everyone around him just tried to keep there distance. Co-workers were trying to get security to force him to leave. I was stuck taking pizza out of the oven and was hoping some one would at least by the poor guy some crazy bread since I was backed up with all the pizzas coming out. After seeing that no one was going to try to help him I decided that putting my job on the line to make sure another person who was in need of a human necessity was more important. I took off my apron and walked to the other side of the counter and bought him a meal with the little bit of money I had at the time. I still remember the way he said thank you and just left the store ready to enjoy a nice warm meal I can only imagine how long it had been since he had one.

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