I was going back home on the train. When I was sitting I saw a married couple that were blind. They were asking people where the bar was. People were telling them different directions, so they didn't know which way to go. So I saw they decided to go back to their sits and not going to the bar. Then I came to their sits and told them I was going to the bar as well and ask them if they wanted to join me. The said yes. It was kind of far so the male took my arm and his wife his arm and we went all the way to the bar. They were so thankful they invited me to a soda. While drinking we chat and we met, they were such kind and noble people. I took them back to their seats and they were happy. That moment remind me, doing this should be a normal thing for all of us and not just an act of kindness. But in the world we live in, we have to do acts like this, whenever we can, to help the ones that need it.

  • Spain