This is the story of yesterday, when I was a fortunate recipient of a complete stranger "paying it forward".
NAB's systems were down yesterday morning, which meant that no stores or ATMs were recognising NAB cards - all card transactions were declined regardless of whether or not you had $ in your account and whether or not you used a credit or savings account. I discovered this after putting through all my groceries through the checkout at my local health store. I asked the staff member serving me to hold my items while I went to try the ATM, only to have the lady before me (another NAB customer) tell me the machine wasn't recognising her card. I then went back to the health store to ask them for their bank account details so that I could do an online internet transfer.
At this point, a wonderful young guy offered to pay for my groceries (around $30 worth). I got out some paper and a pen to write down his account/credit card details so that I could transfer the $ back to him as soon as I got home but he refused to give them to me, instead just saying, "How about you do something like this for someone else by way of repayment?"
So to the young gentleman who was at Go Vita, Currimundi yesterday morning, matching the following description, a huge "thank you", and I will definitely pass on your act of kindness.

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