The couple in the photo above are literally my angels. Last winter I was going through a rough time, it felt like everything was going wrong. Then my truck broke down and I needed a new battery which I definitely couldn't afford to fix at the time. Travis is a mechanic and offered to take a look at my truck for me. The day they came over to take a look at my truck I was suffering through a cold and was exhausted. Matatha and Travis told me to go upstairs and have a snooze while they looked at my truck and they would come up when they were done. Little did I know that while I was upstairs resting they had gone out and bought me a new battery and fixed my truck for me. I came downstairs and was overwhelmed by their kindness. I offered to pay them back in full but they refused and said it was my Christmas present. I have never been more touched by two people and their amazing friendship and kindness. I cried because I had no clue how to react. It's an amazing feeling when someone does something nice for you and expects absolutely nothing in return. They are a prime example of what true friendship looks like and I will always have special place in my heart for them.

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