I live on the south side of Milwaukee WI and about a month ago, I decided I was in the mood for ice cream. So I took a walk to my local convenience store just up the block from the place I live. Just before I got to the store, I noticed a homeless man sitting with his dog. He looked really stressed out, and really tired, dirty and hungry. As I passed this man, something told me to go buy him some food. After I got into the store, I went and got my ice cream, and purchased a couple cans of soup for the man. Upon my leaving the store, I walked up to him & told him "Mr, I don't normally do this kind of thing, but something told me you might need this". I gave him the plastic bag with the soup in it. He looked at me, after I handed him the soup. He opened the bag and started to cry, his response was priceless. He told me " I was beginning to think God didn't exist" and explained it had been a few days since he last ate anything. He gave me a great big hug and told me thanks for caring. I left smiling knowing I could help him out. A day later I went looking for him and have since that time in hopes of helping him out with a place to live so he can get back on his feet. No one in my neighborhood knows who this guy is or where he came from. Kind a makes me wonder if somehow God was testing me that day, to see if I'd pass along some kindness to another individual w/o them asking for it.
Really glad I did :)

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