Everyday I take bus to reach my work, and one day I meet this guy who is working in the same area as mine's. A few days passed we only chatted a little, like hey, hello, how are you? where do you work, etc. He seems nice and a decent person. One day there was this hectic traffic jam, I was late already and it was so hard to get the bus. Then finally a bus reached out and I jumped on it. And I see this same guy on the bus. We talked for more than an hour that day. I told him about my work my education and my background. He did the same. I thought I made a friend. Which was a happy feeling for me. I told him I am great at Maths. He said I need someone to teach me some maths for my exams. Without taking any time I told him to come to my house anytime you like.. I will teach you. :)

I like to give what I already have. May Allah bless us all.

  • Pakistan