I go to McDonald's up the road from my home about 4-5 times per week; usually at the same time of day morning. There is an older lady that always works drive through. One day she looked particuarly sad so I asked if she was ok. What she shared with me astounded me. She told me her car that is about 11 years old broke down in the parking lot of her job. She said she paid her last $250 to who she thought was a mechanic. That person took the money, her key and brought her car back in a day. She drove the car to work, and on the way home it broke down again. She explained that she has not car, and no money until her next payday. She also explained that she had not been late to work in 22 years.. I took her number and explained to her that I would pick her up at 5:00 am and take her to work. She thanked me and called me the next day with the address. As I was dropping her off, she looked at me with a very confused puzzled look as she asked me. "What do you want from me".. I told her that I wanted nothing more, than to share my time with her during her daily commute. I told her I would pick her up every morning and take her to work until she gets the car fixed. I was there 5 am the next morning, then the next for 5 days straight.. On the 4th day she began to cry, I hugged her, prayed with her and sent her off to work knowing that she has a friend, a sister in me; appointed by the almight GOD..

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