I read somewhere recently that some homeless people can go 6 months or longer with out ever hearing their name spoken. This really struck a chord with me... something as simple as our name gives us such a sense of Identity! I kept seeing the same homeless man in my neighborhood in the last two weeks and I always wanted to do something for him just didn't know how to approach him. Then last week on my way to the store I saw him collecting & emptying cans from a dumpster. I grabbed a few things for him at the store and stopped on my way back. I asked him what his name was and gave him the bottles of water and snacks. His name is Mike and he was so very kind and courteous, I used his name as often as possible in the convo (with out it being weird of course). I haven't seen Mike since, and somehow I feel like I didn't do enough but I know that I put a smile on his face and when I was leaving he said, "God bless." While I want to help him more, find his family or offer my shower, I'm reminding myself that even small gestures of kindness can be contagious. I can't wait to run into him again, now that I know his Name, Mike.

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