I was online cruising through facebook on my lunch break & a gal had posted quite a few items in a shopping group located in my hometown.. She was selling small, fairly used household items. A toothbrush holder, a remote caddy, a pair of snowboots, a welcome mat.. All things she was forcing herself to part with.. I found the post somewhat odd & read into the comments a bit. Altogether, the gal was requesting a total of $15-20 for all of the items. Something in me told me she was desperately in need of monetary assistance. I privately messaged her asking if there was anything I could do to help her, and she explained quite difficult circumstances. In the end, all she was trying to be able to do was have enough money to buy her 5 year old son a donut & a small present for his 5th birthday. When I got off of work I went straight to Target! I got him a coloring book, some action figures, and a movie! As well as some cupcakes.. I delivered it to the camping trailer they were staying in.... I've never felt so important to anyone in my life! Seeing the joy on the little boy's face, as well as the tears in his mother's eyes literally melted my heart! Twenty dollars can go so far when you have heart.

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