My uncle who lives in the country was recently admitted to one of the public hospitals here in Manila. Since his children are busy; one is out of the country, one is a breast cancer survivor who can't be with him in the hospital because of still low immune system and one lives in the province. Since I live here in Manila, I was with him from day one up to the last day (9 days) that he was discharged. I went to the hospital every single day, bringing him food, talking to the doctor, going to the social services, paying bills at the cashier, (his own money, tho), going to the pharmacy, to the lab, with that long queue, etc. Although, I do this little act of "kindness" to every one I know, and i make sure to do an act everyday, this "Reach Out to Someone special" is really special because he is an uncle and I know that no one will do it for him. I am so happy seeing somebody SMILE because of me. I don't have much Treasure to share but I have Time and Talent to share with everyone. I Am a Volunteer... I love being One. will you do an act of Kindness today?". I just did..

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