I always have noticed a older girl in my classes and she always looked out of focus like many things were bothering her and she never interacted with any discussions she was always distant and never showed any emotion. I began introducing myself slowly to her and she is opening up to me more and more each day and she told me the problem and I was taken back by it but I didn't let her see that expression on my face. I send her a loving and caring vines every time we are together and I even got her to dance a little in dance class. Out of now where one of the days she had a medical emergency and instead of watching her go through it I was there for her no matter what went down. She's a really great person that is going through something that needs a friend and I can see that deep down but each day at a time I can see her beautiful personality shinning through and I'm glad I participated in this and chose to take this challenge it made my perspective on life broader in a good way.

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