My act of kindness is something really quite simple, but the fact that my 5-year-old son was with me when it happened and learned something from it makes it unbelievably valuable.

This past Friday, after I finished work, I needed to pick up my son from the office where my husband volunteers to teach people how to be responsible hunters and outdoors-people.

As my son and I were walking to my car, I noticed a truck in the parking lot with its headlights on. I asked my son to stop and wait a bit while I jotted down the make, model, color, and license plate number of the truck. My son, ever curious, asked why I was writing all this down. I explained that if the owner happened to be in Daddy's class (which was likely given the hour, despite the fact that the complex of offices was rather large), they probably would not be able to go home after class because the lights would drain their battery.

My son and I walked back to the office, where I handed over the information to another volunteer instructor (after I had asked all those standing outside waiting for standby seats if the truck belonged to them). The instructor then asked if the vehicle belonged to anyone in the class.

A girl said that the vehicle was hers and proceeded to go out to turn off her lights.

My son and I got no thanks for our deed, but I knew we had done good, and I explained that to my son. I told him that even if no one thanks us, it is always best to help another person out if we can do so. Not only do we make that person's life just a little better, but we also feel good with the knowledge that we have helped.

He understood and brought it up many times throughout the weekend.

I hope he carries the lesson throughout his life.


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