Beautiful day today in Wuhan, China.
I was up early today, had my cereals and left for work.
Got in to the metro and somehow I even got to sit (yeah its crowded). There was this old man who was asking for money to people as its free for elderly to travel in the metro here.
I saw people give him 1RMB or even less, I am broke, don't have much money for myself but its just enough for me to go on for the month, so even I gave him the change I had ,but then when he started walking away I realized that the money I gave him wont do much for him. So I decided to give him what ever I had for the today in my wallet and save just a bit for me to get to my work.
As soon as I walked up to him and handed him the money he held my hand and started crying. I wish I could do more for him. I just hoped that this would open other's eyes and they will help him or someone in need too. We as people can contribute to the society by doing these small things. For you a 100 dollars can be one night at the bar but for someone it can be a week's food or even more.
We all do things to gain something, in this case you will gain happiness, satisfaction and love. I did and as a reward , i'm having a happy day today... what about you?

  • Hong Kong