A couple of weeks ago, one of my longtime friends and I reached out to another of our childhood friends that we've lost touch with. He's had a rough couple of years with addiction and depression, so it can sometimes be difficult to get a hold of him. However, rather than sit idly by, we decided that it was time to take a more proactive and positive approach. We convinced him to come into Manhattan and stay for the weekend and take a break from his life in central New Jersey.

Despite not having seen him in years, we fell right back into our routine and had an absolute blast. After sharing a few stories and an innumerable amount of laughs, it became abundantly clear that this #reconnection was just as important to our friend as it was to us. In fact, we enjoyed spending time together so much, that we've decided to make it a monthly occurrence.

Here's to old friends and all the memories and happiness that comes with them!

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