I got answered by a wonderful lady named Olga. I asked her how did she know that the guy was the one to marry. She answered that she didn't view him as a potential one when she first met him, but it turned around later. She also mentioned that it's important to rely on your gut feeling and how much do we enjoy the company of the other. Saying that jealousy towards your friends is a worrying trait, but a good sense of humor is quite the necessity in a relationship - especially towards life! Also to pay attention of how much does one miss another when they aren't there. For the last words she said, that I quite shouldn't let my flames to be tamed as i have all my life just ahead!
I am very grateful for her letter and I gained a sense of peace through it, that I can let some things in my life go, as they don't bring me happiness and never to let anyone tramp over you or make you accept less than you are worth it. It was a wonderful experience and I hope that other can witness such a wonderful, yet witty response from an elder!

  • Estonia