I am patiently awaiting my answer, but here is what I sent: I just recently lost my Great grandfather. There are many questions that wish I had asked....
My question for you is: Is there anything you wish you had done when you were young? Or if not, is there something you regret having done?

Thank you,

Here is the answer I received;

Yes, there is one thing I wish I had done, and that is hosteling.
The trouble was that although I loved being outdoors, I was pretty hopeless at walking.
Still am. I don't think I was very adventurous, and apart from that, there really was not the money available for many extras.

I can't think of anything I regret.

It is hard when you lose someone.

Take a quiet minute to think what you want to do!!
Good luck, Joyce

Thank you so very much Joyce! You hit the nail on the head, I have been trying to decide between traveling for a while and starting my career (once my courses end). I think now that I cannot just skip or wait to travel. I don't have much money but I am very good at making friends and have a friend from Austria that is going to help me get started. (I am in the US)

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