Hi. I'm a very early riser. There are a few coffee shops around that I can frequent at the wee hours of the morn. I noticed a young lady at a Starbucks, engaging customers, or trying to engage customers in conversation. Over a few days of seeing this, I initiated a conversation with her, and watched someone open up like a flower. It was early, no other customers, just another server. I told her I'd seen her handle so many customers at once, getting their drinks in a timely fashion. I told her I thought she was excellent at her job, and I bet could do anything she wanted. another open faced smile, and a torrent of what she would like to do and be. I encouraged her to really ask her self what she would love to do not for money but for joy. Make that your goal. A few days later we were doing the morning hello's and she told me, I'm going to enroll in University next year, and explore my options. I was so proud of her then, but was humbled. "For what ever reason, a bit of interest and honest encouragement, caused someone to dream a little again. Thank you all for you love of people and a desire to help them through a day. :)

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