I am a digital marketing entrepreneur and I put a Facebook status, the same way like it's shown in the video and not many responded. So I thought, I run a digital marketing agency and mentor startups, lets do it for free for some time. :)

I went to one of my entrepreneur groups and wrote the status, as you can see, hoping to help someone's business for free.

I planned on spending half an hour but ended up talking to about 30+ entrepreneurs and helping them out as much as I could and for the first time in SO much time, I had a great feeling about this, as I was TRULY helping and not trying to convince a client or make money.

But yes, as a by product, I ended up talking about 2 partnerships and probably one of them could be a client. :)

Love the help part! It's lightening!

PS: I was smiling the WHOLE time! And loved when people thanked for the help and expertise. I know it took a professional route, but hope it counts.

Does it??


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