Usually around my colony, there are security guards who work hard all the day and night for our security and our protection. Me and my friends started initiative to provide food this Ramadan (A holy month of Muslims) to poor people around us, those who cannot afford for their family and poor guards who are striving for their families. In Karachi (biggest city of Pakistan), people from all around come in there to try their luck so guards are also in this list. We have distributed wheat, sugar, cooking oil, dates, drinks and other items that a person need to complete their Fast of the whole day. We were so happy to provide them. Distributing it to guards is my duty, so I went there and shared happiness and goods with them and they were astonished to see this kindness and thanked me and it was my eternal feeling that I'm satisfied. We have carried this out not only in Ramadan but on usual days. We all friends gather our pocket money and buy these items and share it with them. Not gonna share this on my Facebook wall because I don't wanna showoff. :)

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