I was taking a usual Uber ride from work to home, the driver was a 20 year old boy who was new in the city and didn't know the routes.
Firstly, I was angry at him on the phone because he came 20 mins late but then after talking to him I realized that it was not his fault.
It was around 10.30pm and I asked him did you had your dinner. He said NO and I was disturbed.
He told me that he has to drive till 2am and then again wake up at 4am and drive.
I asked him to eat with me at some restaurant but he denied, and said he will eat after the ride.
Then, he said he is thirsty and asked can i stop for water.
I said ofcourse and got down from the car and went in supermarket and bought him a bottle of water. We both drank and then i asked him to keep the bottle.
That day I slept good because I knew that I did a very kind thing.
That is my kindness story.😊

  • India