I went shopping for Toys for Tots gifts with my young grandson so he could learn more about giving to others. The young man who checked us out asked if I wanted to buy a little something extra to donate to Toys for Tots (without making any eye contact, and as if he was overly tired from asking the same thing 100 times that day). When I explained that our next stop would be the local fire station to drop off everything we were buying today for their Toys for Tots drive, he said, "Oh my gosh, thank you!". He genuinely appeared surprised and looked up from the register for the first time. When I smiled and asked how his holiday season was going so far, and if he was ready for Christmas, he teared up slightly and said, "Not too bad, I guess. At least I finally got this job so I'll be able to get a few little things for my little one." We chatted and shared for a few minutes, until another customer came up to be rung up. I could tell he was quite happy to have been seen as a person, rather than just a "checker" and appreciated just making eye contact with someone who actually cared how his day was going. I wished him well and told him I'd stop in again after the holidays and hoped he'd have some pictures to show me of his little one enjoying her Christmas gifts!

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