I usually don't talk about the things I do for others; mainly because I don't want to seem to be looking for recognition of some type. But I figured this would be a safe place for sharing.

Anyway, I used to work in Downtown Cincinnati. I would walk around the city and sign people up for free gov't funded phones. It was my first job in about a year since I'd just given birth to twins. Walking around the same area almost everyday you would imagine I'd see just about the same faces all of the time. I wasn't making much money- not really much of a saleswoman; but I always tried to keep a few dollars for lunch or a drink.

One day I was walking downtown near the library where I usually was. I was approached by four individuals trying to catch the bus. I saw them all of the time and wondered about their story. Of course I asked. They were a group of friends who were homeless and decided to stick together and take care of each other. They were really nice people. Well, they'd almost gotten to their goal for bus fare, but was short a dollar. I didn't have a dollar. I only had $10. I hadn't eaten lunch yet, but I figured they needed it more than I did. I had food at home. So I just gave them the $10. By their reactions I could tell they thought I would just say I didn't have it or something like that and walk away. I couldn't, I wouldn't. They were so grateful they tried to give me my money back. I wouldn't allow it. They were happy and they were now able to get to where they needed to be. That's all that mattered to me.

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