I was in a hurry to go home a few days ago, until I saw a pretty old lady with 3 bags of what seem heavy items. at first i thought to myself : Why help her? She will either say she doesn't need help or even kick me like some crazy elderly people do. I looked at her for a solid 2 minutes. She was trying to carry the bags, but she couldn't. she would just take a break. i couldn't resist to see her like that anymore, especially when no one helped her (it was a crowded area). So i just came up to her and asked if she needs any help. she looked at me surprised as if i'm joking. She told me how no one helped her at all even though everyone looked at her. She said she didn't know what to do anymore because the bags we're way too heavy. And her house is really far. From that day i realised how vulnerable and how weak some elderly people are. Not all of them are crazy. And u should help an elderly as much as you can. Doesn't matter if she rejects you, at least you tried.

  • United Kingdom