I work as an assistant manager at a low income apartment complex. A young woman said she had dropped off a check for 40 dollars in our night drop box but we had no evidence of it and couldn't find it anywhere. I looked on the cameras and sure enough she was there when she said she had been. She is heartbroken that it has been lost, and I felt that it was our responsibility. I saw your post on Facebook last night and made a decision to help. This morning I went to the bank and got a money order to replace it out of my own pocket. I haven't told anyone, or her yet. I'm going to have a receipt sent to her, and tell her we found it in the office when she calls. This anonymous act of kindness makes me feel more connected to my job and to the people I'm here to help. My residents can be difficult sometimes, but their lives are difficult and they often don't have help. I believe that when you can help, you should. Thank you for inspiring me. :)

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