About two years ago my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and lost her job on the same day. I lived out of state, but came down as soon as I heard the news. I spent the weekend trying my best to pump her full of support and love but I knew I'd have to go home soon. Home was an 8 hour drive away. She had a nice neighbor who would always comment on how nice her red car was, as it happened, I also had a red car, which he took notice of. As I was ready to make my long drive back home, he came out to say goodbye as he saw I was leaving. For some reason I had a feeling he was a kind person and asked him to check in on my mom once in a while, only telling him that she was having some "health challenges". In all honesty I didn't think he would, as most people tend to mind their own business. He turned out to be an angel in disguise. He sat down with her and listened to her story, held her hand, and wiped her tears. He was there for her when I couldn't be, taking her to appointments and helping her with anything she needed. They went for hikes, she made him food, and they gave each other purpose. I never in my wildest imagination would have thought that this small exchange between a worried daughter and stranger would lead to such an amazing friendship. She had surgery and is cancer free, and he is still around for hikes. His kindness can't be measured.

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