Years ago, after a day of shopping at Nordstrom, an elderly couple accidentally dropped their car keys into a sewer grate. Distraught and uncertain of what to do, they returned to the store and asked the sales associate, who had sold them a pair of shoes earlier, if he could help. That sales associate happened to be my dad.

Without hesitation, he grabbed a wire hanger and walked out to the parking lot with the couple. He then proceeded to get down on his hands and knees (in his suit) and fish the keys out of the sewer grate. The couple tried rewarding him with money, but he refused. He was happy to have been able to help them and wished them a safe trip home.

A few days later, during morning announcements, my dad's manager mentioned that he had something special to share with the staff. Nordstrom had received a letter from the elderly couple about my father's act of kindness and how they didn't want it to go unrecognized, so the manager read the letter over the loudspeaker to the entire store.

It's nice to have an act like this be celebrated and not kept hidden. We need to do that more!

*Here's a photo of my dad to show how much he loves life*

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