Last week I setup a scheduled daily email to remind me to be grateful for the opportunities I have been given, the circumstances I've grown up with and the good people who care about me. Humanity at large can be grossly unfair and upsetting so try to make sure I realise how lucky I am and to be grateful, difficult as it can be to maintain that viewpoint day to day.

"By keeping the very worst that can happen in our heads constantly, the Stoics tell us, we immunise ourselves from the dangers of too much so-called ‘positive thinking’, a product of the mind that believes a realistic accounting of the world can lead only to despair. Only by envisioning the bad can we truly appreciate the good; gratitude does not arrive when we take things for granted. It’s precisely this gratitude that leaves us content to cede control of what the world has already removed from our control anyway." - William B Irvine

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