On November 27, 2016, Me and my friends got together for the first time in years. At one point, we happened to talk about God and our families. My friend Cedrick, the guy with a blonde hair next to me on the picture, mentioned he no longer believe in God. I was sad because he's the person who believes in God the most when we were in high school. I think maybe it's because of what he went through. He had to stop going to college, He had to travel all the time from here to Korea, and He's been having a fight with his mom. Hours past and we all got to go home. I talked to him when we're finally alone. I told him these: "What made you say you don’t believe in God anymore? I hope you find answers to whatever made you say those things. You don’t have to go to the Church every day to talk to Him. I don’t. Just know that He's always here. Give it a thought, and talk to Him. Maybe you’ve just wandered too far and too long. And I hope things get better for you and your Mom. She’s just saying those things to you because she loves you. She may discourage you with words but that doesn’t mean she loves you less. Maybe she’s just too shy to show you how she really feels because you’re used to her being casual with your family. She doesn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable by being too serious. Maybe you should show her that you do understand her, and make progress. Surprise her, and if she shows no appreciation, don’t get discouraged, she’s just shy about it because you caught her off guard." On December 03, 2016, I've written down my love and sent it to him. He said the message was really sweet and that he didn't know somebody cares for him that much. I also told him i got him a present for his birthday last November and that it's been in my closet for a month now. I gave it to him on December 12 along with a note inside the box that says why I chose it for him. It's just a scarf. i remembered it's always cold in Korea and he easily gets sick when it's cold. He said he really like it and that it's been so long since someone got him a present.

  • Philippines