This is my son,Brent, and his wife of a year and a half. Brent has asperges syndrome, and jalaina has some disabilities. They live on there own and live on 1100 dollars a month. They don't drive so Friday before Christmas I took them shopping. They were down to there last 10.00. they still needed a few things and wanted to get a few more people a gift... They have gotten at least 20 gifts already and nothing for themselves.. while jalaina and I were looking at cat food.. Brent went to look at something.. he came back with a huge smile on his face and had a 10.00 bill in his hand, he tells jalaina don't worry... I've got more money. There was a man that wanted him to read something on a can and Brent did.. this kind stranger handed him 10.00.. I had the kids continue to shop and I went to find this kind man.. he was pay for his stuff.. I shook his hand and thanked him and explained how much that ment to the kids.. I explained there situation and told him it was like he handed them a thousand dollars.. I thanked him again as he left. I went back to shopping and I look up and here is the kind stranger again.. he came back to tell me how much all this had ment to him and that I was a nice person the way I treated him and then tossed a 20.00 in my basket and says merry Christmas! This kind stranger made our Christmas! You never know what a small act like this does for a couple who dosent have much in this world.. I wish I knew his name... To thank him again! God bless you kind stranger!!

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