“My husband passed away 10 years ago. It wasn’t his fault I know but he left without even thinking what would happen to me and our daughter. I looked for work but couldn’t find any because of my age and the locality we lived in. Suddenly, I was the sole bread earner for my home now with no source of income. We used to spend days when we had nothing to eat and had to take food from our neighbors. Our relatives offered to help, but I didn’t want to depend on others. Time passed, and our condition got worse. Left with no other choice, I had to accept help from our relatives. All these years, we have awaited them to send us something so that my household would keep running. One day, someone knocked on my door and asked if I was Imtiaz Bibi and that they were from Saba Trust who came to give me goats from their widow welfare program so that I could live and earn for myself. I had never been happier to say “Yes I’m Imtiaz Bibi”. I still can’t believe how God sent these people as a blessing for me at a time when I had lost all hope. I’m now the proud owner of 4 goats and my flock is growing month after month. I no longer have to ask for money from anyone as I can take care of myself and my daughter and live a respectful life. Sometimes, God sends help in the most astonishing ways. I know it might not be such a big thing for others, but for me, this changed my life and I will always be thankful to God and these great people that are helping those who can’t help themselves. I call them Angels.” - A Holiday gift from Mr. Saghir Ahmed Alsam to this woman in need

(Mr. Saghir Ahmed Aslam has been working for the welfare of people by spreading his kindness to everyone in need. For over 40 years, he didn't ask for any money or donations, although he was running an NGO. He considered it his duty and took care of thousands of needy women and children across Pakistan without any help from his own pocket. Why would someone do that? In a world where no one bothers to care for someone other than themselves, how can he think for others and give out so much? The answer to this is just ONE word, KINDNESS. If this isn't kindness and humanity, i don't know what is)

  • Pakistan