A few days ago, I noticed that all of my social feeds were inundated with people hating on 2016. You would have thought it was Earth's worst year in recorded history. It certainly had its ups and downs - there's no denying that. But there were a lot of amazing things that happened last year as well. To prove my point, and hopefully turn some frowns upside down, I composed a list of 16 of my favorite stories from 2016 and posted it to Facebook. The response was incredible. Not only did my post garner tons of likes and comments, but it was shared over 100 times by friends, friends-of-friends, even people I've never even met before! It was a great reminder that hatred and negativity is no match for love and optimism, and it left me beaming. Take a peek at the list below and share a similar list of your own. You won't be disappointed!


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